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Third Day - Holy Spirit

D-G-C-G (x3) and then A-G  only on last time

Verse 1:
D                   G            
C                       G
I can feel him in the air, I can feel Him in this place
D           G             C              G
and Ie that he never leaves 
D                   G           
C                         G
I'm now without a care, It is something I can't explain
A            G
And I feel so free

A          G         D            A
Holy Spirit, We cry to you
A          G       D            A
Holy Spirit, In this place
A          G       D            A
Holy Spirit, We cry to you
A           G            D            A
Comen on us like a flame
Intro x 2

Verse 2:
D                     G           
C                       G
I readut Him in the Bible, He was in the men of God
D                     G             C        G
And though I't deserve it, He is in me
D                         G            C             G
You can feel a new revival ask in your heart
A                    G
And You'll feel so free...

Chorus x 1

You've to feel it , oh to believe it     (Echo)
E                                        A
You've to see it, won't you recieve it
No chord
Why't you believe in

Chorus x 2

A-G-D-A         x2
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