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The Attic Diary - Nothing

Артём Атькин
Автор подбора
Intro - 2x Fm Db Ab Eb

Fm                               Db                                        
I could tell you the truth, as you hang from your balcony
Ab                                Eb 
Breathing in cold winter air
Fm                          Db                                Ab           Eb
But it isn't up to me. I wouldn't Go home anyway.
Fm                                              Db           
You're well read, schooled in the classics
                 Ab                    Eb
You skipped early classes,and now
Fm Db Ab Eb Fm        Db       Ab              Eb          
I feel the pull on my wrist. You're just wasted. 
Fm              Db             Ab   Eb
And I'm afraid of waking up to nothing.
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