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Taylor James - Daddys All Gone

From: sjohnson@usa.net

Daddy's All Gone
JAmes Taylor (c) 1976

G   Am7                D   C/D
  I Don't have much to say
G             Am7             D   C/D
  THought I'd call you up any-way
G      Am7       D
  Just to try to sHow you the way
B7          Em7
That I feel today
      F/C         C
Oh, I miss you bA-by

G   Am7            D   C/D
  I sure Am on the road
G         Am7              D   C/D
  I Don't need to say much more
G          Am7                 D
  Just the sAme old well-known stranger
B7          Em7
That I was beFore
              F/C         C
It seEms like yesterday now

G   Am7            D   C/D
  Daddy's all Gone
G   Am7            D   C/D
  Only halfway Home
G          Am7                 D
  He's Holding on to the telepHone
B7        Em7          F/C             C
  Saying, Please Don't let the sHow Go on.
D G - Am7 Bm7 C C/D

There's a bus every other Hour [G Am7 D C/D]
There's even the midnight train [G Am7 D C/D]
But that Don't leave me the power [G Am7 D]
To see your face again [B7 Em7 ]
It's not that simple [F/C C]

You see, there's a room full of smiling faces [G Am7 D C/D]
There's a man standin' by the Door [G Am7 D C/D]
Says it's time to change our places [G Am7 D]
And get Down on the floor [B7 Em7 ]
Kill 'Em, bAby [F/C C]

Daddy's all Gone [G Am7 D C/D]
He's just halfway Home [G Am7 D C/D]
He's Holding on to the micropHone [G Am7 D]
Singing, Please Don't make the sHow Go on. [B7 Em7 F/C C]
 [D Eb - Bb F - C G - - ]
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