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Rolling Stones - Live With Me

D             A      D             A
I got nasty habits, I take tea at three
            D                A
Yes and the meat I eat for dinner
       D               A
Must be hung up for a week
      D                    A
My best friend he shoots water rats,
      D                A
And feeds them to his geese
  D                       A
Don`t ya think there`s a place for you
D                A
In between the sheets?

Come now, honey,
         G                 A
We can build a place for three
Come on now honey,
G                            A
Don`t ya wanna live with me?

There`s a score of hair-brained children
They`re all locked in the nursery
They got earphone heads they got dirty necks
They`re so 20th century
Well they cue up for the bathroom
`round about 7:35
Don`t ya think we need a womans touch to make it come alive??

You`d look good pram pushing,
down the high street
Come on now honey,
Don`t ya wanna live with me?

(Last verse--no chorus, just keep playing D, A)
Oh, the servants they`re so helpful, dear
The cook she is a whore
Yes, The butler has a place for her
behind the pantry door
The maid, she`s French, She`s got no sense
She`s from the Crazy Horse
When she strips, the chauffeur flips
The footman`s eyes be crossed

Oh, don`t ya think there`s a place for us,
Right across the street
Don`t ya think there`s a place for you,
In between the sheets
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