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Nirvana - In Bloom

Intro: C Am G A# |2 times
       C G# F C# B

C        G#         F   C# B
Sell the kids for food
C        G#         F   C# B
Weather changes moods
Spring is here again
Reproductive glands

     C             Am            C               Am
     Hey, he?s the one who likes all the pretty songs
             C              Am
     And he likes to sing along
             C                 Am
     And he likes to shoot his gun
             D                 F
     But he knows not what it means
       D                 F
     Knows not what it means, And I say |2 times

     C Am G A# |2 times

Chorus: He's the one...

We can have some more
Nature is a whore
Bruises on the fruit
Tender age in bloom

Chorus: 2 times
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