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Nick Cave - The Weeping Song

intro Gm

(C, D - notes played on 5th string)

Gm              F      Gm
Go son, go down to the water
Gm                  F       Gm
and see the women weeping there
Gm            F     Gm
then go up into the mountains
Gm               F       Gm
the men they are weeping too.
Gm                     F     Gm
Father why are all the women weeping?
Gm                    F        Gm
They are all weeping for their men
Gm                    F         Gm
Then whay are all the men there weeping?
Gm               F       Gm
They are weeping back at them
 F        Gm              F                Gm
This is a weeping song, a song in which to weep
Gm              F             Gm
while all the men and women sleep
F         Gm                 F                 Gm
this is a weeping song but i won't be weeping long.

[C D - notes on 5th string]
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