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Ashes Remein - Without you

Вступление:Em C G D 

Em C 
Underneath the cold November sky 
G D 
I’ll wait for You 
Em C 
As the pages of my life roll by 
G D 
I’ll wait for You 
C Em 
I’m so desperate just to see Your face 
C D 
Meet me in this broken place 

С Em D 
Ho-o-old me now I need to feel You 
C Em D 
Sho-o-ow me how to make it new again 
C Em D 
There’s no one I can run to 
And nothing I could ever Do 
Em D Em 
I’m nowhere if I’m here without You 

Even if You take it all away 
I’ll wait for You 
Even when the light begins to fade 
I’ll wait for You 
I’m so desperate calling out Your name 
Meet me in this broken place 

Em C D Em C 
I’m tired of running and wrestling with these angels 
Em D 
I lay down my life and I surrender 
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